Core value

BEYONDs core values include product safety and effectiveness, complimented by uncompromised quality and our customer-first rule. Trusted by numerous domestic and foreign partners, BEYOND has acquired the following certifications for a more complete repertoire: ISO9001:2015 in 2010, ISO22716: 2007 Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetic products (with refurbished facility) in 2013. Customer satisfaction is our aim, and we achieve it with quality and effectiveness.
BEYONDs primary scope of operation is the research and development of expertise-based, advanced cosmetic and care products. With domestic university partners, BEYOND is competent in research and development as a manufacturer. BEYOND also provides expert OEM and ODM service tailored to customers specifications and needs for development and design, without compromise in quality, safety, and effectiveness.


1997: Establishment of BEYOND Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.
2009: Participated in the local Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program
2009: Participated in the Conventional Industry Technology Development (CITD) program by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2010: Acquired international certification ISO9001:2008
2011: Participated in local Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program
2012: Provides internships for domestic university and college students in the hope of contributing to improving their practical skills
2013: BEYOND Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., renamed as BEYOND BIOTECH CO., LTD.
2014: Acquired international certification ISO22716:2007 Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetic Products







Qualifications and Patents


With ISO22716:2007 Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetic Products certification, BEYOND has been passionate in international competition by harnessing the “quality-first, customer-first” policy. With the business niche and competition in mind, BEYOND develops nano-grade products and applied technology, and satisfies the needs of nano-grade formulation with promising effectiveness and safety via management and development rooted in innovation, uniqueness, and versatility. Made different with the multi-purpose care and make-up products, BEYOND creates value for conventional industries and secures domestic and international competitiveness.
BEYONDs primary future goal will be maintaining a high-end research and development niche and internationally certified research and development environment, supplying quality cosmetic and care products, and continuing the contribution in its advanced technology.