Technical equipment and environment

Quality policy

BEYOND′s quality policy comprises three major parts: raw material loading procedure, manufacturing activities and quality assurance activities. Each policy is to be strictly observed to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Environment and facility

Lab and quality control room


The lab provides complete service “packages” such as design-development-production or effective cosmetic/care product and production process development.
BEYOND provides formulation development, production process, expertise OEM, project application and market information
Each of the production processes (including loading, preparation, packaging, sterilization and shipment) is controlled with stringent procedures and regulations. Every single product is subject to strict testing including viscosity testing, centrifuge, acidity (pH), persistence test, dryness, temperature environmental test – real 100% quality test. The management process is so stringent and detailed to ensure the quality of each product.

Air shower room


Before entering the clean room from the changing area, the staff need to pass the air shower room to effectively and quickly remove the dust, hair and flock attached on the clean room suit in order to reduce the contamination from entering and leaving the room. Also, shoes and clothes (including cap, facial mask, gloves, coat and shoes) must be replaced with clean ones.

Buffer zone


Divisions are provided for inner and outer staff, as well as personnel and materials. Goods are to be delivered to the buffer zone before entry or release.
At the entry of goods, the outer staff is to deliver the goods to the inner staff, who will then bring the goods into the plant. The giver and recipient are reversed at the release of goods. This prevents from the intrusion of dust.

Walkway environment


The clean room compartment provides a clean and safe working space which is also robust, impact-resistant, and noise proof. It comes with precision dimensions, good looks, and environmental protection compliance.


Using the clean room material boards to build factory ceilings not only minimizes dust and pollution but also reduces product defect rates, enabling you to fully realize the concept of a clean room and to maximize its function.


Monolithic plastic tiles feature good dustproofing, acid and alkali resistance, easy maintenance, and a smooth surface which adheres less and is easy to walk on.

Pure water equipment


Waters are an essential raw material for cosmetics production and necessitate high reliability and stability. Management over process waters is critical, as the latter requires long inspection time and tends to breed microorganisms.

(1) The water treatment system shall provide quality compliant disinfected waters with clearly defined specifications

(2) The quality of water employed shall be validated by process parameter inspection or monitoring

(3) Installation of water treatment equipment shall not lead to stagnant pollution and affect the quality of water employed


The RO system shall feature appropriate pre-processing equipment to ensure its service life as it is both expensive and sensitive. The system employs multi-layer and activated carbon filters and water softeners to remove residual chlorine and SDI and lower the level of calcium and magnesium ions for RO membrane protection. The deionization refiner (DI-POLISHER) refines post-RO waters into purified ones with ion exchange, transfer and regeneration processes, before subjecting it to regular UV ultraviolet sterilization and antibacterial cycles to control the system’s plate counts to meet the quality criteria of cosmetic-level purified water.

Ambient monitor


  • Ambient microbial sampling device

Used in the air microbial testing for clean room and aseptic environment, or air microbe sampling studies for academic departments.

  • Ambient air particulate matter detector

Provides the level of ambient particulate matter (indoor and outdoor, normal and contaminated) rapidly and accurately.

  • Nocturnal UV sterilization

UV sterilization is effective against nearly all bacteria, virus, parasites, pathogens and algae without causing secondary pollution or leaving toxic substance. It does not cause corrosion, contamination, or leave residue – UV energy is cut when the power is turned off.

Production room


Fully automated vacuum emulsifying mixer 500L/100L, heating chamber 500L/100L

  • After loading the raw materials, preset values can be made for temperature control, emulsification and stirring rate and vacuum defoaming. Automation is available from the start to completion, and the production data can be recorded with the PLC controller to reduce the human factors and realize specification-based production.


  • The electric controller system applies PLC controls and records to directly insert the values into computer to provide manufacture record. The operation data can be recorded to facilitate the management of production conditions.


  • The interface features 10.4 colored touch control screen which is easy to operate and configure – for your convenience.


  • The operation mode may be adjusted to Manual.

Semi-finished product room


Each batch of semi-finished product needs to be tested. Only those attached with a qualification card can be sent to the semi-finished product room.

Raw material room


The product formulation is prepared by formulating staff based on the rate for production. The prepared mixture is delivered to production room to start production.

Automated (air) bottle washer


  • Before the bottle is filled with fluid, the washer cleans and sterilizes the bottle.
  • The main structure of the washer is composed of stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
  • The PLC control system with human-machine interface allows easy configuration adjustment.
  • Product switching made easy and fast.
  • Production efficiency: 50 bottles/min

Filling room automation equipment


Automated filling equipment (micro-computer pump filler, piston pump filler)
The product is safer and cleaner.


  • With a medical-grade dosing pump and hygienic-grade accessories, the raw materials do not contact the pump to fulfill the requirements of quality, hygiene and safety.
  • With a strong vacuum force, it can be used to fill a wide variety of raw materials including water, oil, lotions and highly viscous cream. Vacuum filling is available for general liquid products to save the need of loading. With regard to high viscosity products that flow poorly, stainless steel funnels can be used to achieve precision filling.
  • Realizing fully digital configuration of filling for convenience and low Micro-computer control system with AC servomotor, LCD-powered Mandarin interface.
  • It can be connected with nearby devices/equipment to facilitate automated processing and manpower saving.
  • Indicated for pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic product industries needing fixed-volume filling.

Automatic capping machine


The side-wrap capping machine is indicated for spray gun cap, press head cap, spray cap and flat plastic cap. With manual cap placement, the rolling wheel automatically completes the capping with well-controlled torque.


  • The PLC control system with human-machine interface allows easy configuration adjustment.
  • The PLC control system with human-machine interface allows easy configuration adjustment.
  • The capping torque is adjustable, featuring a person-machine interface, it also provides parameter preset features.
  • Option: For flat plastic cap, use with vibration system.
  • Product switching made easy and fast.
  • Memory for 50 product sets.
  • Production efficiency: ~ 40 bottles/min.

Auto mask folding


Mechanical feature: Auto mask folding
Mechanical action: manual loading → auto folding → manual packaging
Features: With disk-shaped platform and automated folding, controllable contamination is reduced and operator safety is ensured.

Automated fixed-volume filling, Sealing and printing for facial mask


Mechanical features: Automated fixed-volume filling, Sealing and printing.
Mechanical actions: Staff placing facial mask pouches (containing biofiber film) on the rack → automated pouch retrieval → cutting → filling → Sealing → printing.
Features: Automated filling to minimize controllable contamination, and achieve high production efficiency and reliability.

Effectiveness assessment


With promising convenience of use and accuracy, research-grade skin testing device is used by cosmetic product suppliers and manufacturers, medical cosmetics, academic organization and research institutes, and labs to conduct clinical testing and effectiveness validation.

  • Smart anchoring for high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Rapid catch and easy operation
  • Fast and convenient analysis of data and charts
  • Wrinkle, line, depression, elevation, pore, red pigment/melanin, lab parameters



Biotech, plasma manufacture, skin dryness, medical research, biochemistry, enzyme, microorganism, drug and other drying, injection manufacture, testing reagent. Lyophilization is indicated for the temperature-sensitive production process to maintain the original taste and avoid tissue destruction and/or deterioration.


For warehousing